Update: You can now edit your own events.

You need to create a free account when you click “Submit Event” and then this account will track your events that you submit and allow you to edit them.



How do I fix events from Facebook?

If an event is pulled in from Facebook, have someone edit the event in FB first and then the feed should self-correct within a day, maybe less.

What if I didn’t post the event?

Try to find out who did post the event and work with them to update the event. Most events will have an “event organizer” listed, and that should lead you to the person who submitted the event.


I still can’t figure out who can make the event change; what are my options?

  1. Ignore the error if it’s inconsequential.
  2. Request that the event be deleted and then resubmit it. (We make no promises that we’ll check our email or get to this is a timely manner.)
  3. Pay for a correction.

Ignore the fix if it’s inconsequential.

Going forward, the most effective way to ensure an accurate listing is to copy and paste all your information from another source, such as a press release or your website. One of the most common mistakes people make is not adding the event time, which then by default becomes an all-day event. Filling your event submission form out fully and accurately helps prevent errors. Copy and paste as much you can.

Request that the event be deleted and then resubmit it.

Request an event deletion (process outlined below) and then resubmit your event by clicking on the Post Your Event button.

Pay for a correction.

If you prefer to have us make the correction vs uploading your event a second time, kindly —

Send $19 to via PayPal.

Send an email to with the requested change.

Include the link to your event on our calendar, or send the exact event title name to us and the date of the event.

If you’ve tried and you can’t delete your own event, here’s how to delete it.

  • First, find the event you want deleted on the calendar.
  • Copy the event listing URL.
  • Send an email and include the event URL in your email.
  • Type “delete event request” or something similar in the email subject line.

Event deletion is a free service. We will probably get to your request within a day or two.

Always send the TotallyHoco event link when contacting us.

As there are several hundred events per month with well over 4,000 events listed, in order to find the event you’re referencing in any emails you send us, kindly include the URL and event title.

Pending event approvals

Also, so that you know, all events are manually reviewed by a person for quality control and to ensure that the events are in Howard County. Pending events are typically reviewed, approved and published once a week on the weekend. Give yourself time to get your events published in a timely manner. And if you’re interested in volunteering to check and approve events once or twice midweek, LMK!

Thanks for your understanding!

Please remember, your event listing is free, and it comes with 1) a free inclusion in our weekly newsletter and a 2) free auto-tweet. We do our best to provide a quality community calendar … and we’ve got other things on our plates too!

Jessie Newburn & Crew